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The Ribbers

Ribs Royale

Ribs Royale BBQ hails from Nevada, USA.  They compete in various RibFests across Canada. They are known for their succulent, savoury, fall-off-the-bone, RIBS, CHICKEN & PULLED PORK!  In 2012 alone they won over 40 first place awards, in the best ribs & best sauce categories. Visit their website at

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers – Originally from Motley Texas, now out of Zorra Township, Ontario. Began touring the Canadian Circuit 6 years ago winning several awards every year! The company has grown and become a large contender amongst the best in The North American Ribfest Circuit.

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Fatboys BBQ


Legend has it that Fatboys founder Shawn Dawson was inspired after a 1000-mile road trip on his Harley Davidson FATBOY. A trip that took him through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.  After 25 years in the restaurant business, this was what he had always been looking for: an opportunity to combine his love of southern hospitality, biker ambience, and good ‘ol fashion slow and low BBQ.

Dinosaur BBQ Pit


Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Dinosaur Smokehouse has brought their southern-style bbq to Canada for the last 5 years, winning numerous awards along the way. They specializes in authentic smoked bbq made with the finest ingredients available. Let the professionals take care of the cooking tonight - come out and see why Dinosaur BBQ Pitt has the biggest taste! The menu features Ribs, Pulled Pork and Chicken in gluten free sauce, served up with beans and slaw.

The Hogfather BBQ


Frank Puskarich and his wife Kathleen, both coming from the restaurant business, soon found themselves on the road to greet a broader audience and share what became the true essence of “Hog father’s Old Fashioned BBQ.”  Since their opening in March of 2007, Hog father’s has been recognized throughout the BBQ community with several awards including Best Ribs, Best Pulled Pork and THE #1 Mac & Cheese far and wide!

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