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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Montreal Ribfest! From right to left, Kaitlyn Beauregard, Cathy Kudzman, Valentino Pietrantonio,  "Chef Winston", Ashley Tillotson, Ariane Weber, Aly Ferrise-Pettinicchi, Catherine Kriekle, Jordanna Pugliesi and Marisa McClure (absent).

The Events Team

When it comes to Montreal Ribfest, these 3 know the most. Whether it's recruiting our Ribbers for the year, securing our food vendors or simply answering questions, our events team does it all. The planning of Montreal Ribfest is not a one man job, Ashley Tillotson, our fundraising and outreach coordinator begins planning this event in January every year and is then joined by Catherine Kriekle and Jordanna Pugliesi in the spring as Montreal Ribfest approaches. There's nothing these 3 love more than seeing their vision come to life every August! As our biggest fundraiser, they do everything in their power to ensure Montreal Ribfest runs smoothly and collects the funds necessary for our programs!


Chef Winston

Meet Chef Winston! He is our newest Ribfest Montreal x Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island team member. After a long wait, we have finally chosen the winner of our naming contest, Emma P! Emma has been a little with us for 5 years now and knows the agency very well. That being said, it only felt right to name our mascot with the help of one of our littles themselves! 

Thank you Emma!


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